A Winter Tails | Sonic and Tales have a snowball fight in this sculpture created by @BlueSonikku for Sega of America.

Gifts For Everybody

Everybody games. (Finally!) With a million different types of gamers, there are a million types of gifts to be bought. This year, rather than going very broad, we've tried to offer up a few specific different archetypes, the better to actually help you find something for the person you love.
We're... More »

In Defense of PETA's Attack on Super Mario

Last week, the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, ticked off a lot of people who like video games. But maybe the gamers shouldn't have been so upset about that whole "Mario Kills Tanooki" thing?
On one side we had the notorious animal-rights rabble-rousers complaining that Super... More »

Nintendo Hopes Their Newest Mario Game is the Series' Much-Needed 'Missing Link'

There are millions of people who enjoy playing Super Mario games that are three dimensional, games you play from behind Mario's back.
But there are millions more who enjoy playing 2D Super Mario games, games that show Mario from the side. More »

Pepper Spray Cop Could Have Been on the Cover of DOOM

In the latest mash-up of the Pepper Spray Cop image that came out of the Ocupy UC Davis protests, Lt. John Pike finds himself on Mars on the cover of id Software's classic first-person shooter DOOM. More »

Gameloft Flies Game-Laden Rental iPads Across Australia

Wouldn't it be nice if you could rent an iPad filled with nifty Gameloft-brand game product to keep you occupied during lengthy flights? Next month customers of Australia's Jetstar will find out first hand. More »

uDraw Studio Instant Artist Doesn't Quite Live Up To Its Name

Contrary to what the title led me to believe I was not instantly transformed into an artist upon starting up uDraw Studio Instant Artist, the pack-in software for THQ's new uDraw Tablet for the Xbox 360. More »

Fantastic Four #600, Diablo #1 and a Ron Paul Bio are Some of This Week's Most interesting Comics

It's the day before Thanksgiving, so, if you're in America, you should be heading somewhere to start your Thanksgiving festivities. But stop by the comic shop first, or at least check out the new comics you can get for download. More »

Call of Duty Elite Is 95 Percent Operational, Mobile Versions Inbound Next Week

Call of Duty's online Elite service is just about fully functionally, with the first episode of Friday Night Fights set to hit this week and the mobile version releasing as early as next week, Activision says.
"We changed our status to green yesterday," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of... More »

Show Us Your Space Sim Spirit For a Spot in the SOL: Exodus Closed Beta

Seamless Entertainment's upcoming space combat sim SOL: Exodus is a game built for the most dedicated fighter pilots; the kind that long for the days of Wing Commander and Freespace, Privateer and X-Wing Vs. More »

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Might Remind You of Mass Effect, Pokemon

There was a collective sigh from the JRPG faithful when Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 earlier this year. Some wanted more FFVII or more Kingdom Hearts. More »

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