Call of Duty Elite Is 95 Percent Operational, Mobile Versions Inbound Next Week

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Call of Duty's online Elite service is just about fully functionally, with the first episode of Friday Night Fights set to hit this week and the mobile version releasing as early as next week, Activision says.


"We changed our status to green yesterday," said Daniel Suarez, vice president of production at Activision.

The service had been listed as intermittent, or yellow, since its launch earlier this month. Green means operational. Suarez added that they were also able to stop prioritizing premium, paid, members earlier this week, and now both free and paid members should have full access.

Earlier this week Activision said that they've sold more than one million premium accounts to the service, and that four million people signed up for free accounts. Elite tracks players' stats, helps build communities and clans, offers tutorials to improve play. The paid version also includes video programming and a year's worth of DLC.

"Everything is running," Suarez added. "We have some kinks to work out still, but we're making fixing and updates to the service.

"Going into the holiday we are confident in the stability of the service."

The clan service, which recently went live, already has 100,000 clans signed up, he said. Elite TV will be launching this Friday with players from the U.S. Army taking on players from the U.S. Navy. And the mobile version of the service is set to hit next week.


They're not yet sure if the iOS or Android version of the service will hit first, but it will be staggered out, he said.

"Overall functionality for the average user is probably at 95 percent," he said. "There are a few issues with clan invites, but we already have fixes in the works.


"Let me put it this way, I think if you're doing an article for Kotaku you would put the logo right side up not upside down."

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95% if you disregard the fact the the PC version of it is currently at 0% operation. So its only ~63% complete in my books.