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Show Us Your Space Sim Spirit For a Spot in the SOL: Exodus Closed Beta

Seamless Entertainment's upcoming space combat sim SOL: Exodus is a game built for the most dedicated fighter pilots; the kind that long for the days of Wing Commander and Freespace, Privateer and X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. If you can prove your space sim passion, then we might just have a spot in the SOL: Exodus closed beta for you.


We've gotten peeks at SOL: Exodus at various stages of development, and those of us here at Kotaku that can think of nothing better than spending a lazy afternoon helping enemy fighters vent precious gasses into the depths of space are rather excited about this downloadable space sim. We might even need to dig out our dusty old flight sticks. Anybody got a spare joystick port?


If you remember joystick ports, then you're right up there with the cream of the spacefaring crop that the tiny team at Seamless would like testing out their game, but first you have to prove your mettle.

How? We want to hear your stories of space adventure. Tell us about the time you made it through a particular Wing Commander mission by the skin of your teeth, or how you managed to overcome overwhelming odds in a dogfight against a far more powerful foe. Give us stories of marathon flying sessions, broken flight sticks, or building your own cockpit to help the sensation of being in a spaceship that much better.

We've said it before: With SOL: Exodus, Seamless is trying to make space sims fun again. Give us a little taste of the fun you've had in essay form, and maybe we can help contribute to future fun in the form of code to help test out their creation.

Need some inspiration? Flip through our SOL: Exodus gallery of screenshots, headshots, and some of the ships you'll soon be referring to as "target". Or check out the game's official web page to see what the excitement is all about.


Then share your stories of space adventure in the comments section. We'll pick the top 25 — we might even feature some of the best on our front page — and they'll score a one-way ticket into universe of SOL: Exodus.

Suit up pilots; this could get bumpy.

You can contact Michael Fahey, the author of this post, at You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook, and lurking around our #tips page.

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You know, I haven't got much in the way of an interesting story for Freespace, my flight sim of choice (thought TIE Fighter was great back in the day). I recently got an Afterburner USB joystick and am currently playing through both Freespace games again, finishing the first at a LAN party a couple of weekends ago (while everyone else was playing Leage of legends, Street Fighter, Starcraft, or, uh, Minecraft). But Freespace holds a special place in my heart, nonetheless.

When it came time to choose a name for my pilot in Freespace, I play with the word "robot", as I'd just come from playing a robotic real-time strategy game called Machines. I hemmed and hawwed with the word, going to "robotter" then trying "botter". My finger slipped; only one "t" came out. "Boter". I thought it looked pretty sweet, especially in the font that Freespace used for its displays. Soon its use in Freespace led to me using it in everything since. It's my account on here, obviously. It's my e-mail address. It's my Xbox Live gamertag.

I started attending SUNY Institute of Technology in 2004, five years after starting to use the name electronically. There were many, many Andrews in the club (and, for that matter, Matts), so following the tradition of those who came before many of us offered up our gamer handle as an alternative. Through all four years of school, Boter was my name, and the only people who called me Andrew were professors. Some thought that Boter was my last name (it isn't). And when I started dating another member of the Gamers Club in 2007, she called me Boter.

She still does, and we're currently engaged. All things being equal, the possibility exists of me taking her last name because it goes with Boter better than my own.

I've used "Boter" as pretty much my sole online persona for a dozen years, and it's what I've identified with personally - to the point of addressing myself as Boter when I talk to myself (which is often) - for seven. I don't know how instrumental Freespace was for that; maybe another game would have taken the Boter moniker. Or maybe, without Freespace's font, it wouldn't have looked right. Who knows.

So, yeah. Not really a story of a flight sim, but how it tangentially impacted my life. Long live Boter, long live Freespace, long live space flight sims.