A Bright Set of Morons | Look! Just in time for the holidays. Portal-themed flashlights. One's a turret the other's a Wheatley.

Watch Two Women Play Skyrim's Haunting Theme on Violin and Piano

This is Lara and Taylor playing the theme music to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Lara is the one playing piano and singing, Taylor is the violin player. More »

What If a War Game Made You Question the Morality of Killing?

Bullets pop out of the sand in front of me. They're going straight up. For a second I'm confused. I look up, thinking maybe I'm misinterpreting what I'm seeing, that someone is shooting down at me. More »

Pepper Spray Cop is Now a Video Game Joke, Too

He sprayed Occupy movement protestors at the University of California, Davis with pepper spray last week. He seemed to do it nonchalantly. And now the country's most notorious campus cop has become an Internet meme (and his boss has been put on leave). More »

What Would You Like To See in a 3DS Version of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

No, Nintendo didn't announce a 3DS remake of Majora's Mask while you weren't looking, but with the success of Ocarina of Time 3D it would be silly not to, so commenter Daemon_Gildas has preemptively assembled his list of demands in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. More »

Skyrim Fans Bash on Modern Warfare 3 with Spatulas and Rolling Pins in this New NMA Video

The Taiwanese news animators at NMA take on the newest Elder Scrolls game with a news report that covers Skyrim's blockbuster launch and pesky bugs. More »

Super Mario Bros. 2 Was a Tiny, Tiny Influence on Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo is a company in love with its past, or at least the popular parts of its past. Except for Super Mario Bros. 2, a game the company doesn't talk about much. More »

Scrutiny on the Bounty Hunter: Eight Evil Hours in The Old Republic Changes a Man

This weekend I finally spent several uninterrupted hours in the heavy boots of one of Star Wars: The Old Republic's more ruthless classes: The Bounty Hunter. More »

The Next MotorStorm Will Be Remote Controlled

The next MotorStorm won't take place in the Pacific Rim or during an apocalypse; instead it's a shrunken down version of the game, now starring remote controlled vehicles played on the PS Vita or as a Playstation Network download. More »

PS Vita Hits PAL Territories Feb. 22, Here Are the Launch Games

Sony today laid out their launch plans for the PS Vita in the PAL territories. Here's a break down of the confirmed first-party games that will be available on Feb. More »

The SOCOM Team Delivers Unit 13 to the PlayStation Vita Launch Lineup

zipper Interactive is bringing the full weight of their shooter expertise to bear on the PlayStation Vita early next year with Unit 13, a competitive and cooperative third-person shooter custom made for Sony's touchy handheld. More »

Modern Warfare 3 is 'An Un-Game With a Core of Nastiness'

I've just this minute finished the single-player campaign for Modern Warfare 3. It leaves a very bitter taste at its climax. But perhaps not the same bitter taste that flavours it throughout. More »

'When we show a power-up to Mr. Miyamoto, we get a bit nervous.'

You are working on a new Super Mario Bros. game. You have a new idea for a Mario power-up, something that could be as delightful as the original fire flower or the invincibility star for Mario to headbutt out of a block and temporarily try on.
How do you do that? More »

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