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Skyrim Fans Bash on Modern Warfare 3 with Spatulas and Rolling Pins in this New NMA Video

Illustration for article titled emSkyrim/em Fans Bash on emModern Warfare 3/em with Spatulas and Rolling Pins in this New NMA Video

The Taiwanese news animators at NMA take on the newest Elder Scrolls game with a news report that covers Skyrim's blockbuster launch and pesky bugs. It's ironic to see NMA shining a spotlight on a title's bugs when their own lo-fi, CGI oeuvre seems to be drawn from Will Wright's nightmares. This clip isn't as bloodthirsty as the Tanooki Mario one, but has a voyeuristic Grim Reaper and a baby with a glowing forehead tattoo. Just keep the crazy coming, NMA.



Skyrim drums up sales; bugs plague users [Next Media Animation]

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