Warfare | TOKYO, JAPAN: Popstar Gackt danced and performed at a press event for the new Call of Duty in Japan and stuck an unfortunate pose. (Photo: Game Watch Impress)

PSN Shutting Down at Night for Young Korean Players

South Korea's Shutdown Law will prevent players under sixteen years-old from gaming during a six hour block at night.
Originally, it was reported that the law would not impact consoles. More »

PETA's Fur-Wearing Mario Outrage Is "An Epic Cultural Misunderstanding"

The People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is expressing outrage over Mario's Tanooki Suit. That outrage is not only misplaced, but shows PETA's complete lack of cultural understanding-traditional or contemporary. More »

Holy Crap, the Assassin's Creed Art Book is Amazing

The Assassin's Creed series, a long-running favourite here on Fine Art, finally has a coffee table book worthy of its production values with the franchise's fancy encyclopaedia.
I got my hands on a copy today, and while it's not just an art book, the concept and promotional pieces dominating the... More »

The Hell Is Up with Chickens in Modern Warfare 3?

World War III throws the globe into chaos. Cities are being destroyed. People are fighting. People are dying. And what are the chickens doing? Dancing. More »

Show me Your Dovahkiin. I Want to See It.

Dovahkiin. Sounds saucy, but as those eyeball-deep in Skyrim will tell you, it's also the label handed out to the hero of the game. It means "Dragonborn", and like any other Elder Scrolls game, it's about the only thing everyone's character will have in common.
Some people roll male. More »

Watch Nintendo Turn Times Square into Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo packed New York City's Time Square with colorful platforms, warp tubes and piranha plants to celebrate the weekend's release of Super Mario 3D Land.
Former Kotaku video superstar, and current FastCompany producer Adam Barenblat was on hand to capture the bizarre downtown event. More »

Telltale Co-Founder Offers to Pay His Own Money to Cover Damaged Jurassic Park Jeep

Of all the cool movie props to own, I'd say that a replica Jurassic Park jeep is right up there with "Real Stormtrooper Costume" and "Life-Sized Aliens Xenomorph."
Hey look at that, over at JurassicJeep.com, they have a couple of jeeps painted to look like the jeeps from Jurassic Park. More »

Razer Blade Prototype Theft Won't Set Back Release of Hybrid Gaming Laptop

The theft earlier this month of two of Razer's prototype Razer Blade gaming laptops shouldn't impact the expected release of the device, the company tells Kotaku.
Razer discovered the theft of the Razer Blade prototypes mid morning on Saturday, Nov. More »

Minecraft is Actually Finished. It's Done. It's Ready.

Even though the game has been available in some form or another since 2009, and has racked up over four million users, until now indie smash Minecraft has been in alpha, then beta, as first creator Markus Persson and then his development team at Mojang tinkered with the thing.
By the end of this... More »

Does this Actor's Voice Confirm He's the Star of Grand Theft Auto V?

There's a theory, spun by Grand Theft Auto super-fans, that an actor named Ned Luke is the man behind the gravelly voice we heard in the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. More »

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