Bend at the Knees -When it came time to move the garden on the roof of Gawker HQ it was the geeks (Kotaku) and nerds (Gizmodo) who came to the rescue. Granted, we didn't actually move it anywhere until the jocks (Deadspin) pitched in.

Six Minutes With Rage's Lethal Pet Bots, Racing and Ballistic Bliss

I'm still chugging my way through Rage, but so far I've grown quite attached to a game that feels like it comes into its own over the course of its dozen-hour-or-so campaign.
What I'm experiencing now 9 hours in or so is very different from the Xbox 360 game and it's play in those first three... More »

Play Through This Music Video

Bullseye may not have a score, an objective, a plot, but it's an application begging to be played with. A music video that's made better by your poking, tilting and curiosity.
Moonbot Studios, the folks behind the wonderful The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. More »

Wizorb, Math Fighter and More Kotaku's Indie Picks

Every few weeks we here at Kotaku make a selection of some of the best Indie games that Xbox Live has to offer. These are our latest favorites.
You'll be able to find the list here for reference, or in the "Kotaku's favorites" channel in the Indie Game section of Xbox Live's Games Marketplace.
More »

How to Speak Dragon: Here are Your Skyrim Achievements

We already know that the next Elder Scrolls game's going to suck up a bunch of your time. Days, weeks, maybe even months, depending on how you play. But how much is it going to spit out in sweet, sweet Achievements? More »

Watch an Expert Zip Through Sonic Generations' Two Re-Mixes of a Classic Sonic Level

I present to you a pair of videos from this fall's Sonic Generations. To appreciate what Sega is doing with this new Sonic game, you'll need to watch them both. More »

The Best PlayStation 3 Ad We've Ever Seen Will Give You Chills

When Sony announced their "Long Live Play" campaign a few weeks back, the entire interwebs lit up with buzz as to what it would herald. A PlayStation Home re-launch? More »

It's Official: Xbox 360 Gets Television

Following weeks of rumors and speculation, Microsoft today confirmed that they have teamed up with 40 TV and entertainment providers to bring shows and live television to Xbox Live.
Here's the full rundown of the partnerships (existing and new) for all countries. More »

Let's Watch Pretty People Enjoying the New Cable-Ready Xbox Live Experience

It's time for cable TV on your Xbox 360. It's time for controlling your television with your voice. It's time for one set top box to rule them all. But mostly it's time for a video of smiling people enjoying these things. More »

Finding a Little Doom in Your Rage

There are plenty of Doom coffee mugs laying around in the world of Rage. But that's not the little bit of Doom I'm talking about, I'm talking about some retro gameplay.
We've shown you how you can find Wolfenstein in Rage and how you can find Quake in the game, this tutorial on how to find the... More »

Assassin's Creed Needs to Be More Difficult

I've been revisiting Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in anticipation of the soon-to-be-released fourth game in the series, Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I started a new game, and within an hour or so protagonist Ezio Auditore was effortlessly laying waste to dozens upon dozens of enemies-guys... More »

In Case You are Wondering, I Am Playing RAGE at 5760 x 1080 Pixel Resolution

When Nvidia was in the Kotaku offices the other day showing off, well, something we can't quite talk about yet, they noticed we didn't have a dedicated gaming PC. More »

This Super Mario Side Table Makes Your Home a Mushroom Kingdom Castle

Video game décor, 'tis a tricky thing, it is. On one hand, who wouldn't want Mega Man wall hangings and Pac-Man poufs in their room of living? On the other, you still want people to believe that you've got taste.
Something about this Super Mario side table just works. More »

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