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What Is PlayStation's Mysterious 'Long Live Play' Teaser All About?

The PlayStation folks are promising we'll "See beyond the doors"—the doors at the tail end of the above teaser clip—on October 5, 2011. What brand of video game hype is this? And should we be expecting something amazing next week?


Well, let's see what's in the above mystery clip. There's Sweet Tooth's van from Twisted Metal. There's a cameo by the Metal Gear Mark II from Metal Gear Solid 4. There is what appears to be one LittleBigPlanet glowing orb, a postcard featuring Parappa the Rapper, iconic weapons from Killzone, Ratchet and Clank and Final Fantasy XIII... and perhaps more.

It's slick. It's curiously exciting. But we're keeping our expectations in check. After all, this looks either like the start of a new ad campaign for the fall or a hype clip for the upcoming PlayStation Home relaunch, based on the secret club vibe that would bring the above games together as a group.


We'll know for sure soon. Any other good guesses?

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Does anybody actually use Playstation Home? because I tried it once and just... yeah....