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Verizon On Xbox 360 Cable Box Rumor: "Stay Tuned For the Future"

Illustration for article titled Verizon On Xbox 360 Cable Box Rumor: Stay Tuned For the Future

Yesterday we noted that there was a rumor making the rounds that deals between Microsoft and Comcast and Verizon to turn the Xbox 360 into a cable box were imminent. Now Verizon seems to be hinting that someone along those lines could indeed be in the works.


In a story titled "A Borderless Entertainment Future", Verizon's director of media relations Bobbi Henson discusses the rumors directly, saying that while they don't comment on speculation of this kind, "we do have a very strong point of view on the future of entertainment to offer you today."


Henson goes on to say that Verizon is in the business of breaking down old technology boundaries to create a "borderless world where work, play and home become one virtual reality."

He points out that FiOS TV is a natural match for devices like gaming consoles and that such a device was even demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show.

"The borderless world of entertainment is already enjoyed by many of our customers, with FiOS TV premium, video on demand and television content now available through smartphones and tablets on a variety of platforms, including Apple and Droid operating systems," he writes.

But it doesn't sound like Verizon has anything in the bag yet, or at least not anything they're ready to talk publicly about. Right now the company is focused on "bringing our powerful 4G LTE wireless, all-fiber-optic broadband/TV and global IP networks together to deliver innovative solutions that create and expand the exciting, new borderless world of entertainment.." he writes. "We're not announcing any new products today, but stay tuned for the future!"


A Borderless Entertainment Future [Verizon]

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I dont' really understand the purpose of this, and if anything it seems this is a huge step backwards. If I currently want to watch cable tv, I just turn the tv on. I don't need a set-top box to boot up regular cable.

With this new 360 plan—you turn the tv on, boot up the 360, navigate to the cable pane of the dashboard, then get into cable tv. Seems more expensive, wastes more electricity, and on top of that seems like a very roundabout method (i.e. no benefit, slower, less useful).

Or am I completely missing something here?