This week on the season finale of Retro Game Master the Kacho takes on Golden Axe.

Released in 1989 by Sega for the arcade, this high fantasy side-scroller beat 'em up later made its way to a number of different consoles. In the game players take on the role of a dwarf, a barbarian or an amazon as they journey through the world on a quest to kill Death Adder.


This first official U.S. airing of the show, known as Game Center CX in Japan, uses dubbing for the announcer's voice and English subtitling for Arino's.

Retro Game Master airs weekly on Kotaku at 8 p.m. eastern on Thursdays. The show and Kotaku reruns will remain on the site for viewing at your leisure throughout the season. Licensing prevents the show from being seen outside of North America.

Don't forget to expand the video above to watch it full screen!

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