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Retro Game Master Episode 8: S.O.S.

In this eighth episode of Retro Game Master, our game-testing everyman, Shinya Arino, faces off against S.O.S.


S.O.S. was developed by Human Entertainment for the Super NES in 1994. In the game, which was inspired by both the book and movie The Poseidon Adventure, players must escape the sinking ship Lady Crithania. The game has four players characters, a hidden timer and the levels rotate as the ship continues to sink.

This first official U.S. airing of the show, known as Game Center CX in Japan, uses dubbing for the announcer's voice and English subtitling for Arino's.


Retro Game Master airs weekly on Kotaku at 8 p.m. eastern on Thursdays. The show and Kotaku reruns will remain on the site for viewing at your leisure throughout the season. Licensing prevents the show from being seen outside of North America.

Don't forget to expand the video above to watch it full screen!

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This bothers me. Not the show, but the reactions of the people here.

When Kotaku began airing Retro Game Master, everyone was all smiles and joy. Finally, a treasure of Japan available to North American audiences. It may not have been everything, but it was better than nothing.

Then people started getting whiny.

"Oh there's no Tama Game Center sections! I want to see those!"

"Why this episode/game?! I don't want to see that!"

"The translation is wrong/not translated enough!"

And the one that gets me the most:

"This sucks! I'm going to watch the episodes some fansubbers made! F*** you Kotaku!"


That makes me a sad OtakuMan.

Going to continue watching fansubs AFTER the official release does not help make the official release better. The show gets dropped, the fansubs then become some sort of hipster elite fodder, and we don't get any more good things. I for one want good things.

Instead of abandoning the Kotaku dub, why not, I dunno, SUPPORT IT AND TRY AND MAKE IT BETTER! Instead of abandoning the Kotaku dub, a better course of action would be to find ways to get your voice heard so it can be made better. Let the Kotaku guys know that you want more Retro Game Master IN FULL! More translations, more footage, and find out WHY some sections were cut.

Maybe they couldn't use the Tama Game Center sections because then they'd need to get licenses from each individual game center?

Maybe the licensing only allows the challenge sections?

Maybe the subbers and dubbers could do a better job, so who do we send letters to or talk to in order to ask if they can do this/that? And which of the different companies listed in the end credits handles all that?

Instead of complaining and giving up, why not take a stand and do something about it! Take what you have now and make it better instead of just throwing it away.

After all... would Arino give up?