RGM | Retro Game Master fridge magnets. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

Great Ads, If Not Great Games, Coming to the Xbox 360 Kinect

Soon Xbox 360 gamers will be able to get some use out of their Kinect: Interacting with a new suite of multimedia advertising set to hit the console and its $150 peripheral next spring. The new ads will enable gamers to send Tweets and emails about their favorite ads to their friends and family... More »


Zombie Highway Makes you a Highway Superstar

Originally released on the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2010, the fact Zombie Highway just got updated with a native iPad version means it's definitely worth another look. You can ignore the "zombie" part in the title; More »

For $4, New Case Adds More of a ‘Video Game' Tone to L.A. Noire

At the price of just a few dollars L.A. Noire gamers can see what this spring's gently-paced acclaimed detective adventure would have been like if it was more of an action game. A new downloadable arson case, Nicholson Electroplating, presents L.A. More »


Alice: Madness Returns is Less Curiouser and Curiouser, more Averager and Averager

The semi-sequel to American McGee's Alice arrived last week. A timely return to a gothic wonderland, or is too late, too late for a very important date with our hard drives? More »


Help Teach A Fellow How To Play The World Ends With You

Reader SecretMoblin has turned back the clock to 2008 in order to play The World Ends With You. And what better time to try this unconventional gem than what could easily be the twilight days of the DS's lifespan? More »


Meet the Heroes of Okabu

Okabu knows it's not easy being green, but they sure do make it look appealing. Okabu looks like one of the most charming games coming to the Playstation Network this year. More »


This Thursday Sees the U.S. Premiere of Japan's Cult-Hit Retro Game Master

The U.S. premiere of Retro Game Master, the Japanese TV series that forces "middle management" comedian Shinya Arino to play Japan's most popular and difficult video games often in a single marathon session, hits Kotaku this week. The weekly series kicks off with an airing of a classic hour-long... More »


This Rise of Nightmares Trailer is Like an Ax to the Head

Rise of Nightmares is shaping up to be, if nothing else, the most adult video game coming to the Xbox 360's motion-sensing Kinect peripheral. In the game, you air-chainsaw, air-ax, air-rusty pole zombies to death all while trying to get your Kinect to notice that you're trying to move forward in... More »


It's been about a year and a half since Gawker first started playing around with the idea of "airing" episodes of Retro Game Master. It's pretty kick ass to see this little project come to fruition. Can't wait to watch the first episode on Thursday. Maybe we should start doing weekly viewing parties? –Brian Crecente

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