Help Teach A Fellow How To Play The World Ends With You

Reader SecretMoblin has turned back the clock to 2008 in order to play The World Ends With You. And what better time to try this unconventional gem than what could easily be the twilight days of the DS's lifespan? He's got one problem: the combat's driving him nuts. Think you could lend him a hand?

Any "The World Ends With You" fans out there? I just started playing it yesterday, now that I have a nice new touchscreen, but I'm having serious issues.


The combat. It's absolutely maddening. Everywhere I'm reading online says it gets better with time, but I absolutely hate the fact that my characters are taking damage while I'm not even looking at them. Any tips?

My current technique is to follow the glowing puck around, and dashing with Neku while I use Shiki and ignoring Shiki when I use Neku. But even then I can't keep track of the pins on the upper left, the HP on the right, the location of the enemies on either screen, or the combo on the upper screen. I'm still very early on, but there's just no way it's possible to have eyes on everything at once, which is frustrating as hell. This is why I like turn-based combat in RPGs. :-(

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