Meet the Heroes of Okabu

Okabu knows it's not easy being green, but they sure do make it look appealing.


Okabu looks like one of the most charming games coming to the Playstation Network this year. Gamers play cooperatively as two members of the ancient race of Cloud-whales, Kumulo and Nimbe, who set out to save their race and their planet from the industrial Doza clan and their pollution. With the help of Heroes from the nature-loving Yorubo tribe and one rogue Doza, they just might be able to pull it off.

Coming from different backgrounds, each hero has their own unique skill set bringing a different style of play depending on which hero you choose.

There is the plunger-wielding Captin Monkfish. He can use his plunger as a harpoon to grab fish, open gates or pull down drawbridges.

Picolo is the games Pied Piper. He uses his hypnotic rhythms to call upon creatues and other Yorubo to perform tasks for him such as healing tres and making bulls charge through planks of wood.


Roki, a member of the Doza clan, turned against his own people to help save the planet. With his knowledge of Doza machinery, he can control everything from giant robotic spiders to wrecking balls.

Kat is the swift and deadly warrior of the group. Paired with a dangerous pet that can attack the Doza or rewire machines, she is excellent at neutralizing Doza threats to her friends and to the environment.


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Okabu will be coming exclusively to the PSN this summer.


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