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Zombie Highway Makes you a Highway Superstar

Originally released on the iPhone and iPod Touch in 2010, the fact Zombie Highway just got updated with a native iPad version means it's definitely worth another look.


You can ignore the "zombie" part in the title; this isn't yet another zombie game where you're running around in the dark looking for ammo. It instead uses the flesh-eaters as window dressing for a simple, addictive driving game that has you trying to knock off zombies that jump onto your car, hell-bent on tipping you over.

Controlled by tilting your iDevice to steer, Zombie Highway feels great, never frustrating you or coming off too "twitchy" like other gesture driving games do. Your main method of disposing of zombies is to use roadside debris to smash them off (bringing back memories of timing a near miss in Burnout), while a secondary attack is to use a guy in the back seat, armed with a weapon, to shoot them off.


Here things get a little trickier, as to shoot them you need to tap on the zombie you're aiming for, and on the smaller handheld devices it can be tough getting your finger on such a small target. The iPad version obviously makes this a lot easier.

There are no levels in the game; you just start on a desert highway and the game keeps track of how far you can travel before the zombies manage to tip your van over and eat your brains, the goal being to beat your previous (or the online leaderboard's) best distance.

Zombie Highway is $0.99 in the App Store.

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Zombie Highway [Apple App Store]

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Zelda did it!

That's some serious jumping those zombies do! First they run instead of walking slowly, now they jump. What's next, zombies eating breakfast?