MOMMY DEAREST | A Fear 3 family photo in frame sent to me by the folks at Day 1 Studios for Mother's Day. Photo: Brian Crecente)

Kill Osama Bin Laden on Saturday

One hundred and six missions later, virtual war ends for Kuma War with the playable, video game reenactment of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.
Earlier this week Kotaku broke the news that Kuma Games was returning to their semi-retired Kuma War first-person shooter series to create a final mission... More »

Poll: How Do You Feel About Sony Today?

Sony's had a tough month or so.
First they had a series of denial of service attacks to deal with, and then, perhaps connected, a massive intrusion of several of their networks that forced them to shut down most everything they had online.
We're all hoping that the service returns in time for... More »

Embrace Your Roots and Roll a D6

Goblins all around me, I be hacking them all up, hacking them all up...
[Thanks Dominique] More »

The INSANE Numbers of Brink

Brink has some shocking large numbers connected to it.
There are, for instance, 45 ways to die in the game and one hundred times the weapon sounds. But those are the small numbers. More »

Wikileaks Suspect Bradley Manning Found Inspiration in Video Games

In The Washington Post's in-depth profile of the alleged source of classified information passed to WikiLeaks, a childhood friend discusses how computer games played a part in introducing Bradley Manning to the world of ideas. More »

Abbottabad Gamer Likens Bin Laden Raid to Call of Duty, Town to Smallville

Last Sunday didn't seem like a special day to Azim Durrani. The 20-year-old university student woke up late. He helped out with chores in the house, met up with a friend for coffee and went home to play some Bulletstorm and some Unreal Tournament. More »

Comic Legend Alan Moore Teases Video Game Project

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Watchmen writer Alan Moore is famous for not wanting to see the properties he creates for comic books taken outside of the medium, but what about properties created with multiple mediums in mind? More »

A Guide To Driving Through A Real Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Motorstorm: Apocalypse is a fun, frenetic rolling tour through a world torn asunder by natural devastation.
This is the sort of driving you'd never want to do in real life. More »

Why Chell Doesn't Speak

The lead character of the Portal series is silent. For two games, Chell hasn't spoken, and one of the pesky robots that chatters away at her in Aperture Science even suggests there might be something wrong with her.
Erik Wolpaw, one of Portal's writers, does like that joke. More »

Report: Hackers Say Anonymous Likely Behind Sony Attacks

Two long-time members of hacker group Anonymous tell the Financial Times that members of the loosely organized entity are likely behind the hacking attack on Sony, despite the group's official denials.
"The hacker that did this was supporting OpSony's movements," one member of Anonymous told the... More »

Yikes! You haven't gotten anything for Mother's Day yet? You're so busted! I got my stuff on Thursday. Totilo was witness. –Brian Crecente

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