Report: Hackers Say Anonymous Likely Behind Sony Attacks

Two long-time members of hacker group Anonymous tell the Financial Times that members of the loosely organized entity are likely behind the hacking attack on Sony, despite the group's official denials.

"The hacker that did this was supporting OpSony's movements," one member of Anonymous told the FT, naming the group that went after Sony earlier this year, adding that he had seen technical details of a the vulnerability that enabled the break-in discussed on an Anonymous chatroom shortly before the intrusion.


Another member told the FT that the attack on Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity services could have been perpetrated by other members of the group.

"If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it," said the hacker, who uses the online nickname Kayla. "Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn't mean Anonymous didn't do it."

Members of the Anonymous hacker group had previously targeted Sony after the company filed a lawsuit against a pair of hackers who distributed information about the PlayStation 3's security protocols.


Hackers admit Anonymous likely behind Sony attacks [FT]

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