OSAMAS | The many caricatures of Osama Bin Laden as seen on Newgrounds. (Newgrounds)

More Than 12,700 Credit Cards Stolen from Sony Online Entertainment

Sony's security problems continue to mount, as the intrusion that brought down Sony Online Entertainment this morning is linked to the theft of more than ten thousand customer credit card numbers. More »

Portal 2's Purpose is Joy. What is the Purpose of Your Favorite Game?

Aristotle, in the Nicomachean Ethics, plainly states that the aim, end, or goal of a thing is its good. Each thing is directed toward some greater good, and we, as people must seek to understand what that good is. More »

New Osama Bin Laden Game Tops The Charts

The chart-topping game on popular Flash gaming site Newgrounds this morning was, not surprisingly, a video game involving Osama Bin Laden.
The user-submitted game, called Mujahedin (play it here), lets players control a suicide bomber, recruited by the now-deceased founder of terrorist group Al... More »

Jesus Cares Not For Your Console Exclusive Arguments

Today's Speak-Up on Kotaku comes courtesy of revered commenter JesusChrist, who believes the "more upcoming exclusives" argument to determine which is the superior console is not a valid one . More »

Nintendo Concedes the Wii Struggled with Online, Promises to Improve

Last week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said he regretted going it alone with the Wii, which was an odd regret given the machine's massive success. More »

Video Games Let You Kill, Abuse Osama

Sunday night a team of two dozen Navy SEALs killed Osama Bin Laden. If all goes as planned, you will soon be able to reenact that head shot in a video game this weekend.
Kuma\War Episode #107: More »

At Least Two of Thor's Norse Gods Love Mario Kart

They might be at odds in the live-action Thor movie and its accompanying video games, but there is one thing Norse god of mischief Loki and earth goddess Sif agree upon, and that's Mario Kart. More »

A Painfully Permanent Way to Never Lose Your 3DS Augmented Reality Cards

IHeartChaos' Cranberryzero was so impressed with the Nintendo 3DS augmented reality cards that he decided to have one permanently stabbed into his skin. More »

Japanese Games Are Less Popular These Days Because Of Changing Tastes In Graphics, Says Nintendo

Increases in the realism of video games are limiting the ability of Japanese games to appeal outside of their home country, according to the president of Nintendo.
"Because the expressions in games are becoming more and more photo-realistic, I imagine that the cultural differences in acceptance... More »

Too Human Trilogy Will Be Finished, Says Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights, the creators of Xbox 360 game Too Human, says it still "intend[s] to finish the trilogy" despite meager sales, middling critical reception and a very long development cycle. More »

It's amazing how quickly these "tabloid games" pop up around news events. I wonder how many are prepped ahead of time. –Brian Crecente

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