YEP, JAPAN | OSAKA,JAPAN: Spotted during a daily walk in far North Osaka. (Photo by Brian Ashcraft)

This Might Be The Best Pirate Trap We've Ever Seen Garry Newman, the creator of the Garry's Mod mod/machinima toolkit for the PC, just sprung one of the best pirate traps in recent memory, tricking those who did not pay for his product into essentially giving themselves up.

The Super Nintendo You Can Hold In The Palm Of Your Hand And no, don't make a Game Boy Advance joke, you smartass. Hyperkin's Supaboy is an upcoming handheld unit that's actually a Super Nintendo. Like, you have to insert Super Nintendo cartridges to play it.

The Beautiful Video Game Art Of Daniel Vendrell Daniel Vendrell is an accomplished artist who specialises in two things: retro video games and portraits of video game starlets.

Sued PS3 Hacker Says He'll Never Buy A Sony Product Again After a court order was issued preventing rapper-turned-hacker George Hotz from ever hacking Sony products again, Hotz is now boycotting the electronics giant's wares.

The Voice Actress Capturing The Hearts Of Otaku Everywhere In Japan, voice actresses have a niche fan base. There are magazines and websites dedicated to them, and popular voice actresses might parlay that into music singles or photobooks. Aya Hirano, the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya, was able to make the leap from anime and games to mainstream celebrity, appearing on television and even as the spokesperson for Denny's in Japan.

It's a little past 10pm here, so I think I'm going to turn off this program on William and Kate and play some video games. Can't imagine what the wedding coverage is going to be like in the UK. No, wait. I can. –Brian Ashcraft

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