The Super Nintendo You Can Hold In The Palm Of Your Hand

And no, don't make a Game Boy Advance joke, you smart-ass. Hyperkin's Supaboy is an upcoming handheld unit that's actually a Super Nintendo. Like, you have to insert Super Nintendo cartridges to play it.

Currently slated for a North American release, the Supaboy will play both American and Japanese carts. It also supports multiplayer, as you can either game alone using the in-built LCD screen or plug it into a TV, and use actual SNES pads (not included) to duke it out.


It runs on a rechargeable battery, giving an estimated 5-5.5 hours of battery life, and should be out this Summer.

There's no word on price yet, but other Hyperkin SNES-compatible consoles go for between $60-70, so this shouldn't be too far off that mark.

[via CVG]

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