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Making Killzone 3 Was Hard Work And Fake Kisses Killzone 3 cinematics director Jim Sonzero was feeling the heat. Long, brutal days turned into nights — nothing new to those in the game industry. Sonzero wanted actor Ray Winstone to get in Malcolm McDowell's face. That's when they started to pretend like they were kissing.

How To Make Dragon Age II Look A LOT Better On PC Don't worry, elitist PC owners: while the demo for Dragon Age II made the game look like a sloppy console port, you can already download a patch that will have it looking more to your liking.

After Murder, There Was Online Gaming Earlier this month at a supermarket in Japan's Kumamoto, 3-year-old Koko Shimizu went to the restroom while her mother paid for their groceries. Within minutes, the little girl was missing. Her body was discovered 500 meters away inside a large drain near a river.

The History Of Blizzard, From Broke Nerds To World Of Warcraft This year, Blizzard Entertainment - the developers behind series like Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo - turns 20. To celebrate, they've released this fascinating video retrospective.

Climbing Mortal Kombat 's New Challenge Tower Is A Bloody Good Time The new Mortal Kombat, as revealed last week, will feature a 300 mission long mode dubbed the "Challenge Tower." We played a handful of levels of the mode that lives up to its name with demanding while teaching players the finer points of this year's Mortal Kombat.