How To Make Dragon Age II Look A LOT Better On PC

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Don't worry, elitist PC owners: while the demo for Dragon Age II made the game look like a sloppy console port, you can already download a patch that will have it looking more to your liking.


Developers BioWare have posted a "High Resolution Texture Pack" on their website, a 1.08GB download that will "enable higher detail replacements for most textures in game". Apparently this means "a big difference will be noticed on level art especially".

There is of course a catch: you don't just need a PC for this, you need a fairly good one (or at least a farily good graphics card), as "most of the benefits from the Hi-resolution textures will only be seen if you are able to run the game in DirectX 11".


You'll also need a card with at least 1024MB in memory. Because this is a self-installing pack, it should work with Steam versions of the game as well. You can download it at the link below.

[Dragon Age II]

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Oh look. Now even decent graphics are downloadable content.

Not everyone has all of their computers connected to the internet, you know. God damn it Bioware.