The History Of Blizzard, From Broke Nerds To World Of Warcraft

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This year, Blizzard Entertainment - the developers behind series like Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo - turns 20. To celebrate, they've released this fascinating video retrospective.


It tells a story most of you have probably never heard, at least not to this level of detail: of nerds collecting money to start a development studio, of making Super Famicom games using Japanese-language documents, of Vikings who don't know where they are and some little games called Warcraft and StarCraft.

It's a long movie, so don't just click expecting a 90-second hit of history. Get a cup of tea, close the door and settle in. And know they don't skimp on talk of coding.


You can watch all 48 minutes of it at the link below.


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Great little "film".

Though the feel of the documentary really becomes high and mighty once WoW gets into the picture.. at that point most of them just bump their chests and say "We're the best, and we know it"

Before that point though, it's nice to see how down to earth they were, and just worked to make something that they'd enjoy and loved.

At this point in time, It feels like they're clogged down.. I truly think that the blizzard team needs a new IP to sink their teeth into, and not just cash out on crafts and diablo.