Here's a story full of holiday cheer: A Korean woman, who'd just finished a four-hour social gaming session when her 3-year-old urinated on the floor, strangled the toddler and left his body to decompose in the home for three days.

How many of these kinds of stories are we up to for 2010? There are at least these two, but I feel like I've read at least a dozen.

In this one, the 27-year-old mother is said to have been tending virtual pets and cards in a four-hour gaming session when the toddler began crying and urinated on the floor. That provoked the beating and the strangulation; the body was left in the home for three days, and it was found by her horrified in-laws.


The woman has another child, who is one; their home in Cheonan, about 50 miles south of Seoul, was described by neighbors as a trash dump, where her two children were left crying for hours. The woman would regularly clock 10 hours at the computer playing these games. In this instance, a police investigator said she told cops she'd finished four hours at the computer, was going to take some rest from her virtual activities, and became enraged by her toddler's disturbance.

Nothing else to say except it's a sad and appalling story. Merry Christmas.

Internet Addict 'Strangled Her 3-Year-Old Son After Length Gaming Session and Left Him Rotting for Three Days' [The Daily Mail]