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MMO Parents Take Care of Virtual Toddler While Real One Starves

Illustration for article titled MMO Parents Take Care of Virtual Toddler While Real One Starves

A Korean couple is said to have neglected their infant - to the point of starvation - while they fed their own online gaming addiction in Internet cafes. The Sun's reporting this, so, let's get our sensationalism detectors on.


The couple allegedly raised a virtual toddler in a game similar to Second Life, called Prius Online (pictured) while leaving their real one home alone each day with just a single bottle of milk for nourishment. One day they came home to find the child dead and called the cops, claiming they found the child dead when they had awakened. Investigators noted the child's dehydrated condition and weren't buying it. An autopsy later said the child died of starvation.

This all happened back in September actually. After the infant's funeral the couple disappeared and were only recently arrested. Don't think they were bingeing on the MMOs however: ""Due to our sense of guilt, we have not been to a PC gaming room over these five months," they told an investigator. Mighty damn big of them.

Gamers' Tot "Dies of Starvation" [The Sun via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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Cheese Addict

I can't decide whether or not this is worse than the parents who leave their children to die of heat in cars while they go shopping.