Electronic Arts will be revealing its plans to "revitalize" its more successful "core IP"—specifically the Medal of Honor series—in the coming months, EA Games label president Frank Gibeau said today.

The currently dormant Medal of Honor series—the most recent entries, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Medal of Honor: Vanguard and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, were released way back in 2007—is certainly due for a revitalization. Whether that means a modern day reboot of the series, rumored at one point to be set in Afghanistan, remains to be seen.

Given competitor Activision and EA developer DICE's success with bringing things up to date, we wouldn't be surprised.

Gibeau didn't offer much in the way of concrete details on what a "revitalized" Medal of Honor means, much like his boss EA CEO John Riccitiello. At least we know it's out there somewhere.


Following EA's losing quarter and its the company's plans to shed some 1500 employees, close studios and cancel a dozen projects, it's not surprising that the publisher is shifting to what works.