2K Sports' NBA game, like its NHL counterpart, comes to the Wii for the first time with this year's edition. This trailer gives a look at the motion controls which, for the most part, seem reasonably intuitive.

The jump shot's a no brainer - Wiimote and nunchuk up, flip the 'mote, splash, as Kobe Bryant shows you. Whipping the Wiimote in the direction of a teammate serves up a nice fast-break pass. Both controllers up and Greg Oden rejects a Monta Ellis shot.

I can see these kinds of motions being much more easily explained, and implemented, to friends who come over and haven't played the game, than their counterparts on a full console controller. The shooting motion especially; that's basketball's answer to the air-guitar.

I wonder, though, if that pass is good for one of Magic Johnson's patented length-of-the-floor bounce passes.