Battle Chef Brigade hits Switch and PC on November 20. Like Iron Chef if it were animated by Studio Ghibli, the it’s a match-three game where you flavor profiles (i.e. colors) to cook the perfect dish. But there’s also a side-scrolling action part where you collect your ingredients. It’s pretty wild looking.


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I’ve been following this game for a while. Really happy it’s finally voming around :)

However I would love to play it on the switch, but I can’t get myself to buy one at the moment. I’m really holding out on a version with at least a bit more memory (certainly for the 3th party games), a transfer of all the classics that were available on the Wii U (Golden Sun, please!) and a good bundle.

... And I’ll probably be old and buried by the time I see all of that :(
I fear that like with the 3DS I will end up with 3 different versions over the years ...