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100 Street Fighters Drop On To An Island...

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Hello! This week we complain about the Switch’s crappy menu, get killed by a chair in Modern Warfare, see the creepiest commercial ever made, watch BB-8 in Battlefront II, learn what free games are coming to PS Plus this month and watch 100 Street Fighters go wild.

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The man speaks the truth.


WWE 2K20 feels more like an SNL sketch than an actual video game at this point.

I always heard that sitting too much could be unhealthy, but I never realized it was because the chairs we sit on are deadly creatures.



Cancel cable, stop paying for Disney+ and drop Netflix, I think we have found the next best form of entertainment.


I hate this so much.


The year is 2025 and all video games, even old games, are now battle royale games with battle passes.



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Fuck Tom Nook, that bell-hogging bastard. But I’m still excited about the new Animal Crossing.

I can’t wait to just roll around big battles as BB-8.

I don’t see Bart Simpson in this trailer.