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Due To A Y2K-Like Bug, WWE 2K20 Is Almost Unplayable In 2020 [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
WWE 2K20
WWE 2K20
Screenshot: Highlight Reel 517 (Youtube)

WWE 2K20 is having a rough New Year’s Day. According to multiple reports from Reddit, Twitter and Youtube, many people are unable to play the game now that it’s 2020. Instead of working, the game just crashes when selecting most game modes, including online and career.

Yes, if these reports are accurate, it sounds like WWE 2K20 is suffering from a Y2k style bug. It seems that the game won’t work properly if it detects the year 2020. Some folks are calling this bug Y2K20. Over on the WWE Games subreddit, players are sharing stories of how their game stopped working after midnight when parts of the US started entering the new year. Someone has even released a short video showcasing the current state of the game in this new year.

2K Games seems to be aware of the issue. They tweeted out earlier this morning that they are currently investigating issues involving WWE 2K20 that players are reporting. No official word on when a patch fixing this strange bug might be made available.


Update (2:50 PM EST) 2K Games has confirmed via a Twitter post that they have fixed the crashing bug players were facing this morning since the new year started. However, players are still reporting other issues and some crashes.


There does seem to be a workaround at the moment for players who want to do some wrestling in 2020. Mike, also known as “TheShiningDown”, who runs the WWE Supercard subreddit, has tweeted out a way to get around the Y2K20 bug. All you have to do is set the date of your console back one day and then reset your game.

That should, according to him and some others who tried it, fix the issue. After doing this, according to Mike, you should be able to set your date back to normal and play online without crashing.

2019 wasn’t a great year for WWE 2K20. The game was pummeled by most critics and fans began sharing videos of how terrible some parts of the game looked across social media. 2020 seems to be going about as good, so far, for 2K20.