10 Minutes Of Co-Op In Far Cry 4

One thing I'm looking forward to about Far Cry 4 is the game's interesting-sounding co-op multiplayer. Sony, which is trying to sweeten the deal by letting PS4 players invite friends who don't own the game into the action, just released a new gameplay video showing how the game's collaborative modes will play out.


The part that stands out to me comes after the five-minute mark, when the two people playing set about trying to infiltrate one of the strongholds in Far Cry 4's open world. Invading camps was one of my favorite parts of Far Cry 3, but that was more of a single-player type feature since that game's co-op mode was relatively self-contained in comparison to how Ubisoft and Sony are describing Far Cry 4's system. Being able to sneak into a base, set off traps and release deadly animals, and generally wreak havoc? Sounds like a blast, if you ask me. I remain tentatively excited. Excited because Far Cry 3 was an amazing shooter, and Far Cry 4 looks similar in a good way. Tentatively so because some of the coolest open-world and multiplayer features that are coming to new-gen consoles, like the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor, aren't fully understood yet. Still: you have my attention, Far Cry 4.


Also, one final thought: Is it just me, or is it awesome that blockbuster shooters are putting co-op multiplayer front and center these days? There's Destiny, obviously, and now Far Cry 4—which will allow you to invite friends who don't own the game into the action. For too long, it seemed like Gears of War was the only shooter that took this stuff seriously. Which is a big part of why it's still the best in its class, in my opinion.

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The one thing that kind of bothers me about this, that obviously we won't be able to tell until the game actually comes out, but it seriously is a carbon copy of FC3, in terms of gameplay and mechanics. Yes, there are some new things added, but even the animations, when he heals himself and digs the bullet out of his arm with the stick (or whatever it was), are exactly the same as FC3. Now FC3 was amazing, let's get that out of the way right now. I played the living shit out of that game. But when a new game in a series is released, at least to me, I like to see them change things up. The detection is the same, map icons are the same, etc. Even if the changes are bad, at least they attempted to change things up. I think that the game will do really well, and that it will be really good. But it's like Rogue, where everything is literally the same except for the story. But it also has Troy Baker in it, so that's a good thing ;)