How You'll Play Far Cry 4 With Friends Who Don't Own It

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One of the big surprises at this week's Sony E3 press conference was the announcement that PlayStation console owners would be able to share Far Cry 4 for multiplayer co-op with friends who don't own the game. How's it's going to work? Well, for starters, it sounds like you're going to need a lot of space on your hard drive.


Co-op game-sharing will be a PlayStation-exclusive feature. Reports from Eurogamer and Gamespot details the steps that PS3 & PS4 owners will take to invite their friends to the Himalayas. If you've got a PlayStation Plus subscription, you'll get ten invites to pass out when Far Cry 4 hits retail. The experience is referred to as a "trial" in the Gamespot write-up:

We're going to be generous. We want you to basically download the game, jump in your buddy's game, play as Hurk, play for a couple hours, run around, experience the entirety of the world, take over some outposts, take over some fortress, understand what it's like to be able to wingsuit, to be able to climb on top of the elephants, to be able to get a whole bunch of new vehicles and weapons, and effectively play the game."

Eurogamer's reporting says that players being invited in multiplayer co-op will need to have a big standalone app installed on their consoles. That elephant-sized client will reportedly contain all of the game's content except the single-player portions. Kotaku has reached out to Ubisoft for clarification and will update this story once they respond.

Update: Here's Ubisoft's official statement on how Far Cry 4's game-sharing co-op will work.

The "sender" will receive ten "Keys to Kyrat" which he can send to ten PSN "friends" of his choice. The "friend" will receive a single unique key allowing him to download a PSN exclusive trial version of the game allowing co-op play in the open world with the "sender" for a limited amount of time. XP, loot, etc that the "friend" earns will then carry over if they buy the game.



If more PS4 games start providing this feature, it is going to sway A LOT of people over to the platform. I hope Sony is smart about implementing in games where and when it makes sense. It could be a real game changer for the platform and its value proposition to many people.