All you cheapskatin' silver members in North America should know Xbox Live is opening 1 vs. 100 to everyone this weekend, meaning you can play for prizes - no purchase necessary!

As you might have heard, this coming weekend last weekend will be was the first involving skill-based prizes for players during the 1 vs. 100 beta test. This weekend, Friday to Sunday (July 17 to 19), not only will full-freight Gold members be competing for Microsoft points and other prizes, freeloading Silver types will be allowed in on the fun, too. And silver members will earn entries in the 1 vs. 100 sweepstakes for all questions they answer.

Naturally, this is a big enticement to go up to Gold status. The odds of you actually getting in the Mob, much less becoming The One, over just three days of free play starting from scratch - well, some fast-talking sweepstakes terms and conditions narrator might be able to quote you that, but my guess is they're quite low.

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