What would it look like from Earth if the Moon were a giant disco ball?

So, technically, this is what it would look like if the Moon were a disco ball AND orbited Earth at the same distance as the International Space Station, i.e. roughly 420 kilometers (260 miles) above the surface of the Earth. But that doesn't make it any less incredible looking. » 4/05/14 2:10pm 4/05/14 2:10pm

When K-Pop Meets Chinese Traffic Police, Hilarity Ensues

Today, December 2, 12/2, is just a regular day in the world—except for traffic police in China. Today, the numbers correlate with the phone number for Chinese traffic police, 122, and because of that the fine traffic cops of Huizhou city in Guangdong province have released a nifty music video. » 12/02/13 8:00am 12/02/13 8:00am

How to Connect Your Old School Video Game Consoles to a New TV

If you've just rediscovered an old console in the back of your closet, or you've gotten into retro gaming and want the genuine experience, you've probably stood in front of your shiny new LCD or plasma TV with a console made in the age of CRTs, wondering what to do. Luckily, it's not too difficult to plug everything in … » 10/28/13 1:57pm 10/28/13 1:57pm