Unreal Tournament 3 Getting "Major Expansion"

Epic Games vice president Mark "Call Me Chocolate" Rein has let slip that the developer is hard at work on a "major expansion" to Unreal Tournament 3 » 10/20/08 7:40pm 10/20/08 7:40pm, according to a report from Eurogamer. Rein also confirmed that Chicago based publisher Midway was still the game's publisher, clearing up any confusion that the series was …

Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament 3 Ships July 7

Midway said that Unreal Tournament 3for Xbox 360 is shipping on July 7th. As we just reported, it comes with a video preview of Gears of War 2, and the announcement says it's all new "never before seen" footage, with Cliff Blezinski and producer Rod Ferguson. » 6/12/08 10:20am 6/12/08 10:20am