Insane Unreal Tournament 3 Modders Weaponize Nyan Cat

Modder Scott Coxhead lives up to his Cr4zyB4st4rd handle by merging Unreal Tournament 3's player-guided Redeemer with that scourge of the internet, Nyan Cat.


This isn't some half-assed overlay. Coxhead (along with Bi()ha2ard and Azurescorch) went all out for this mod, adding Nyan Cat's signature trail, custom suicide and death messages, and even a special rainbow-themed UI to keep players entertained as they guide this feline killer whimsically about the map.

He's even made that horrifically grating tune positional, so you can hear it getting louder as it delivers a heaping helping of toaster pastry doom to your back door.

This almost justifies the months filled with different permutations of that fucking poptart cat. Almost.

Get the Nyan Cat Redeemer Mod Here [Scott Coxhead]

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Yeah not like I didn't post this in #speakup the other day. Sheesh. Slow! :-p