Steam hosts a free Unreal Tournament 3 weekend, slashes the price down to $11.99 USD and renames it Unreal Tournament 3 Black. Spontaneous generosity, or a loud death rattle?

The "Black" version of the game includes the v2.0 patch and newly released Titan Pack expansion. Titan added 16 new environments, three maps and a bunch of new weapons and stuff. But mostly the expansion tweaked the AI β€” especially vehicle game types β€” and fixed user interface issues and networking performance problems (which is probably why it was a free download).

Originally, you'd have to drop $19.99 for the whole shebang on Steam, but from now 'til March 15, it's 40% off. And for this weekend only, it's completely free.


PlayStation 3 owners are getting the Titan Pack, making their copy of Unreal Tournament 3 just as black, in two weeks.

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