On March 5 Epic Games plans to release a free expansion pack for the PC and Playstation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 which adds new maps, units, vehicles, characters and awards.

There is no word yet on when or if the Titan Pack will be coming to the Xbox 360 version.


The Titan Pack introduces 11 new multiplayer maps for maps for Deathmatch, CTF, Vehicle CTF and Warfare modes, plus eight popular maps from the first UT3 bonus pack and Xbox 360 version. In addition, players will experience two new game modes: Greed mode, a "tug of war" style kill points battle, and Betrayal mode, a cutthroat style of play where alliances and teams can shift fluidly through a match.

The Titan Pack also rewards you for your successes in game, with 57 awards that can be attained as Steam Achievements for PC and Trophies for PlayStation 3.

The pack also includes a number of new units.

The X-Ray deployable field can be used to lay waste to foes since enemies inside it are extremely vulnerable, while the Link Station, a temporary repair unit, can be deployed to keep vehicles in top fighting condition. The Stealthbender comes equipped with a Link Station, an X-Ray Field, spidermine traps, and an EMP mine, but what makes this new vehicle especially lethal is its underlying Necris stealth technology, which renders it invisible for surprise attacks.


The Eradicator turret is a stationary long range artillery piece that can hit units almost anywhere in the map. The Stinger turret combines the fastest firing rate of any weapon in any Unreal Tournament game with huge knockback.


The pack will also include Nova and Kana as two new playable characters.

Most interesting, though, is the pack's Titan mutator which turns someone with enough frags under their belt into a 15-foot-tall creature which has the effects of every Power Up in the game at the same time.


Run away!

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