Unreal Tournament 3 Players, Download DM Spectrum Now

The previously featured DM_Spectrum, the lovely looking, brightly color coded mod for Unreal Tournament 3 that lets you make a killing on the dance floor, is now available for download, developer Matt Bradley tells us today. Now we're telling you.

In the unfortunate case that you missed the original post on DM_Spectrum, Bradley describes the mod in a way that should make sense if the updated gameplay video above does not.

"Each coloured cube represents a different area of the map," Bradly writes. "When a player is in one of these areas the corresponding cube lights up notifying other players. As one learns the map they should be able to find enemies without to much hardship."

Download it here.

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Stuff like this makes me wish I hadn't bought it for 360... at full price... when it was impossible to find matches months after release...

Especially now that I have a shiny new computer.

Ah well. Lesson learned.