Unreal Tournament 3 Getting "Major Expansion"

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Epic Games vice president Mark "Call Me Chocolate" Rein has let slip that the developer is hard at work on a "major expansion" to Unreal Tournament 3, according to a report from Eurogamer. Rein also confirmed that Chicago based publisher Midway was still the game's publisher, clearing up any confusion that the Unreal Tournament series was one of the licensed underperformers it was trimming off. Rein didn't apparently provide any further details, such as platform, price or planned delivery date. But we hope the armor will be much, much bigger in Unreal Tournament 3: Major Expansion but doesn't go so far as to cover up the cleavage of any of the in-game combatants. That wouldn't be right. Rein outs "major expansion" for UT3 [Eurogamer]


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one way Epic could really pull this awesomely: Commission a map from Angelheart. He's been in retirement from UT for professional, MMO work far too long. The things I'd do to see him bring something with the level of 'epic' that Goatswood to UT3.