Street Fighter Uno Deck Unleashes Hadoken Card

Continuing the Street Fighter being unleashed by Capcom over the next few months is a special Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix themed Uno deck for the wildly popular Xbox Live Uno game. The deck adds Sagat's stage from the game as the backdrop, places Street Fighter characters on the cards with animated moves… » 11/21/08 6:30am 11/21/08 6:30am

Five XBLA Games To Get Retroactively Avatarded

The New Xbox Experience is almost here, meaning those lovable, Rare-designed Avatars that Microsoft has squeezed into the interface — and games like Scene It? Box Office Smash » 10/31/08 7:40pm 10/31/08 7:40pm — will be plaguing your Xbox 360 before you know it. Microsoft and Xbox Live Arcade developers are adding retroactive support for Avatars in a…