Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Also Features Ridiculous Price

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Capping off a fairly terrible fortnight of news surrounding Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward comes word this morning that Modern Warfare 2's map pack is one of the most over-priced pieces of downloadable content we've ever seen.


Popping onto Xbox Live spokesman Larry Hryb's podcast to promote Modern Warfare 2's upcoming "Stimulus Package" map pack (which is launching first on Microsoft's console), Infinity Ward's Robert bowling revealed that the five maps - two of which are old maps being re-released for this game - will cost 1200 Microsoft Points.

Or, $15.

For five multiplayer maps.

Fifteen. Dollars. Or, if you're so inclined, £10, €14, or AUD$19.

Hoo boy.


Listen, I am not big into CoD in the first place, but the map pack brought me back to CoD4 when it came out and I was kind looking forward to this map pack. For $15, I think I'll just let this game slide away into the hands of eBay or Craigslist.

I don't think it's THAT bad of a deal as plunkett makes it seem... actually on second thought, it is THAT bad a deal, Plunkett is right...

I'm sorry IW, even when the price drops I won't buy it because I will have already sold your game...

PS: What is sad is that they will still sell a crap ton of these, making our collect outrage slightly less relevant...