Five XBLA Games To Get Retroactively Avatarded

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The New Xbox Experience is almost here, meaning those lovable, Rare-designed Avatars that Microsoft has squeezed into the interface — and games like Scene It? Box Office Smash — will be plaguing your Xbox 360 before you know it. Microsoft and Xbox Live Arcade developers are adding retroactive support for Avatars in a handful of games, with UNO, Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades and Small Arms getting updated with the new feature on day one. Microsoft, via its Gamerscore Blog, also write that "a new Xbox LIVE Arcade title will also launch with fully playable in-game Avatars - the first title to ever launch with this feature on Xbox 360!" How exciting!! NXE: What You Want to Know - More Avatars [Gamerscore Blog]



Most of the new experience seems pretty avatarded. But they do look better than Miis.

I don't really care for all the avatar stuff. I just wanna install freaking Fable 2 on my 360 so I can actually HEAR the game! :( Common NXE! Nov 19th is too far away.