Behold, This Year's Biggest Video Game Screw-Up

Okay, it's only July, but this is going to be hard to beat: Koei put out the wrong game in its latest PSP release. Doh!

The budget version of tactical role-playing game Sangokushi VIII that was released on July 12 did not contain Sangokushi VIII on the UMD. Instead, it contained Sangokushi VII. » 7/13/12 4:30am 7/13/12 4:30am

Here Is Sony's UMD Solution for PS Vita Owners

The PS Vita does not use UMDs. Instead, it uses cartridges and digital downloads. The UMD is going extinct, putting current PSP owners in a bind should they want to play their PSP titles on the Vita. » 11/11/11 3:50am 11/11/11 3:50am

Sony Still Figuring Out What To Do with UMDs

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Sony's Yoshio Matsumoto said that the company is still looking into offering UMD owners the opportunity to re-download their games on the Vita for a special price. » 10/11/11 7:30am 10/11/11 7:30am

Vita Can Play 'Most' Downloadable PSP Games, Sony Thinking About…

Sony's next generation handheld will, as previously promised, support downloadable PSP titles. The PlayStation Vita will even let you take advantage of its dual analog sticks to control some software. But what about those of us with nothing but PSP games on UMD? » 9/14/11 1:45am 9/14/11 1:45am

This Is Sony's Newer, Cheaper PSP As Seen At Gamescom

Sony has a new PlayStation Portable. Budget priced at €99 (and currently only for Europe), the PSP E-1000 does what every other PSP does—it just doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi. And it's matte! See? » 8/18/11 7:30am 8/18/11 7:30am

Sony's Lessons Learned From The PSPgo

At last year's E3, Sony introduced us to the PSPgo, the digital download only version of its PlayStation Portable. What did Sony learn from the release of the device? Well, "consumers like their packaged media library" for one. » 6/08/10 8:30pm 6/08/10 8:30pm

Former Mario Kart Pitch Girl Dangerously Thin

When Nintendo launched Mario Kart Wii in Japan, it roped in some of the country's biggest celebrities for the ad campaign. Among them, was Aki Hoshino. » 3/24/10 5:00am 3/24/10 5:00am

Sony Gets Serious On Piracy, Used Game Sales With New PSP SOCOM

Your used (or torrented) copy of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, the latest entry in the SOCOM series for the PlayStation Portable, may be missing something: online play. » 2/17/10 4:40pm 2/17/10 4:40pm

Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! Double The Game On One Disc?

While some publishers may be dropping the UMD format in favor of digital downloads, at least one PlayStation Portable title will re-embrace it in 2010, namely Holy Invasion Of Privacy, Badman! 2: Time to Tighten Up Security! » 12/22/09 6:40pm 12/22/09 6:40pm

Rumor: PSPgo Getting UMD Add-on From Logitech

Sony may have put aside plans to offer a UMD solution for PSPgo owners, but a third-party may be stepping up to the plate. Logitech is rumored to have a UMD drive add-on planned for Sony's download-only device. » 12/02/09 3:40pm 12/02/09 3:40pm

PSP Game Price Check: Playstation Store Vs. Used UMD

As of last week the Playstation Store is the only place PSPgo owners can go to pick up their games. Just how do the prices of the Sony-operated online store compare to the prices of the same games sold as used at retailers? » 10/05/09 12:00pm 10/05/09 12:00pm

Sony Nixes Plans For UMD Conversion Program For PSPGo

Playstation Portable owners will not be able to transfer the disc-based UMD games they own to a PSPgo when the sleek new digital-only system launches next week, Sony officials told Kotaku today. » 9/24/09 6:40pm 9/24/09 6:40pm

Sony Giving Away Free PSP Games To PSPgo Upgraders

Sony's mysterious goodwill program for PlayStation Portable owners saddled with UMD collections will be rewarded, should they choose to upgrade to a PSPgo. In Europe, at least, Sony will be giving away three free games to new PSPgo investors. » 9/24/09 8:30am 9/24/09 8:30am

UK Retailer Declares PSPGo 'Almost' Dead Before Arrival

While not joining a broader boycott among some European retailers, ShopTo's comments in advance of the PSPGo's launch do not exactly encourage sales. "As a format it is almost dead before it has arrived," the ShopTo boss told Eurogamer. » 9/17/09 5:40pm 9/17/09 5:40pm

Persona PSP Gets PlayStation Network Release

Come September 22nd, PSP owners won't even have to leave their homes to pick up Atlus' Persona remake, which is now launching simultaneously at retail and on the PlayStation Network. » 8/05/09 4:20pm 8/05/09 4:20pm

Sony Is Working on a UMD Solution for PSP Go

One of the biggest hurdles to getting Playstation Portable owners to upgrade to the recently announced PSP Go is their existing library of UMD games which won't work on the device. » 6/05/09 1:30am 6/05/09 1:30am

Capcom Sticking By UMD, For Better Or Worse

The writing is on the wall for the poor old UMD. First Patapon 2 goes download-only, then Fate/Unlimited Codes, then we hear another rumour of a UMD-less PlayStation Portable. But it's not dead yet! » 4/29/09 9:00am 4/29/09 9:00am

Report: Sony Ditches UMD, Classic Titles To See Digital Re-Release

Sony's rumored plans for a new PSP—supposedly dubbed the PSP Go!—may also usher in a new wave of games becoming digital downloads for the device. That includes, allegedly, the long-awaited arrival of Gran Turismo Mobile. » 4/28/09 9:30pm 4/28/09 9:30pm