Sony Is Working on a UMD Solution for PSP Go

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One of the biggest hurdles to getting Playstation Portable owners to upgrade to the recently announced PSP Go is their existing library of UMD games which won't work on the device.

But don't worry, Sony Computer Entertainment is hard at work on a solution.

"We are looking into programs for owners who have previously purchased UMD titles and want to exchange them for digital versions," said Sony Computer Entertainment's Brian Keltner. "It's something we are still hammering out the details. As soon as we have solid plans in place we will make an announcement."


Keltner added that SCEA hopes to have the plan in place before the PSP Go ships.

Sony's John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing, told Gizmodo that the program was a "short term good will program that would continue for years afterward."

Earlier this year rumors surfaced that one of the programs Sony was looking at would put kiosks in retail stores that would allow gamers to turn their UMD games into digital ones.


Keltner declined to comment on the rumor.

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They really didn't think this out... at all... did they?

I can see how they are going to try and turn this into an effort to reduce the number of hardcopies out there, thus digging into the used market. Pretty pathetic really.

Also, if they setup a Kiosk to copy games to digital form, then who's going to stop one game from getting copied 100's of times?

Sony is tripping over their own stupidity with this thing.