Rumor: PSPgo Getting UMD Add-on From Logitech

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Sony may have put aside plans to offer a UMD solution for PSPgo owners, but a third-party may be stepping up to the plate. Logitech is rumored to have a UMD drive add-on planned for Sony's download-only device.


CVG cites an unnamed source in its report, pegging an external UMD reader that will let PSPgo owners play their hard copies and "make the PSP a little bulky." Bulkier than the PSPgo camera adapter?


Take the possibility of a UMD add-on as rumor for now, but someone would be wise to make the PSPgo more attractive to owners of the PSP-3000 and its ancestors.

PSPgo to get UMD drive add-on? [CVG]

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I hope this is not real because its the totally wrong way to tackle the problems of the go.

The go needs a way to transfer umd content over or allow owners of a umd to digitally download the game again.

No matter what Sony says on the topic, they will never make me or many others who own many games on umd buy the new device if the bought games are rendered useless.

The usage rights for digitally bought content have to be changed so that users are allowed to re download games unlimited times and also resell their "copy" and lend it to a friend.

Next up games bought in download manner have to be a good bit cheaper than the physical copy counterparts and all games have to come out the same day or earlier via psn.

Then there should also be a way to rent games on the psn.

Much to ask?

Well, i´m sure at the end only those content providers will be able to sell high enough amounts who give users propper ownage rights on the bought content, not treat them as if they would borrow a usage license.

Then there´s also the issue that the device itself is just quite overpriced.

Listen to me Sony guys, this is how you make the thing VERY attractive to a big crowd. Tackle all these issues.

An addon umd drive is in my eyes the most pointless idea imaginable for the psp go.

Logitech creates some nice stuff but this would be a bad bet on their side.