Sony Giving Away Free PSP Games To PSPgo Upgraders

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Sony's mysterious goodwill program for PlayStation Portable owners saddled with UMD collections will be rewarded, should they choose to upgrade to a PSPgo. In Europe, at least, Sony will be giving away three free games to new PSPgo investors.


PSPgo buyers will be given three free games from a list of seventeen PlayStation Portable titles. That list is, as far as we can gather, comprised entirely of first-party Sony titles, including Killzone: Liberation, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 3, WipEout Pure, echochrome, LocoRoco, Patapon and more.

The rewards system will run from October 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 in European territories. And according to the release, will require PSPgo owners to register for their three free games by accessing the PlayStation Network with their older PSPs with a UMD in the drive.


The PSPgo Rewards system sounds like a decent enough solution, should you have UMDs on hand and have a preference for the seventeen games offered by Sony. However, those will larger UMD libraries may see the offer differently.

What do you think? Enough goodwill to get you to upgrade to the PSPgo?

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The PSPGo will finally prove just how many people actually have an Internet connection compared to those who do not.

This is the same thing that is supposed to happen when StarCraft 2 comes out. Enough people have bitched that they do not have Internet connections that they either won't buy the game on release (due to missing LAN capabilities) or will hack it. How fast a hack comes out will be relative to the demand for said hack, so either sales or speed of hack will be the indicator in that case.

If the PSPGo succeeds, consider me surprised.