In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Sony's Yoshio Matsumoto said that the company is still looking into offering UMD owners the opportunity to re-download their games on the Vita for a special price.

At last month's Sony press conference, Sony also mentioned it was looking into a solution for UMD owners who want to experience those games on the Vita. At that time, the company did not offer further details.

The PS Vita can play either cartridge games or download titles, while the PSP can play either UMD games or download titles.

The UMD, or Universal Media Disc, launched with the PSP back in Dec. 2004 in Japan. Initially, Hollywood studios supported the format, but pulled out. Game studios continued to release UMD games, even as Sony released a digital-only version of the PSP, the PSPgo.


Since the PS Vita does not use UMD, it will remain a PSP format.

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