Square Enix Outs The World Ends with You as an iOS Game

Numerous Japanese sites are speculating that The World Ends with You »8/24/12 4:45am8/24/12 4:45am is iOS bound. Earlier today, Square Enix revealed that the game was an iOS title on its online store page for the game's new soundtrack . The iOS notice has since been removed from the soundtrack page, while the countdown site soldiers on. Thrilling.

Jamming to The World Ends With You Remixes in Kingdom Hearts 3D

As Kotaku »4/10/12 5:15am4/10/12 5:15am's own Kirk Hamilton , one of the most amazing things in Square Enix's DS hit, , was its techno/pop/rap soundtrack. While we aren't getting a new game in the series anytime soon (if ever), we are getting the next best thing, . While the designers could have easily lifted the music wholesale from one to the…