The Last Story Finishes First In Japan

The creator of Final Fantasy brought his latest adventure, Mistwalker's The Last Story, to Japan this past week, with the Wii game debuting at the top of the country's bestseller list. But this week's chart definitely belongs to the PSP. » 2/02/11 5:40pm 2/02/11 5:40pm

Monster Hunter Finally Slayed By A.C.E. In Japan

Who can stop Monster Hunter Portable 3's streak? Only another PSP game, one with similar Japanese flair, Another Century's Episode Portable. The mech simulation has dethroned the latest and 4 million selling Monster Hunter in Japan. » 1/19/11 5:40pm 1/19/11 5:40pm

Who Can Slay Monster Hunter In Japan? Right Now, No One

The Monster Hunter dynasty continues its proud rein in Japan this week with the latest entry in Capcom's beast slaying sensation managing to win over more PSP fans to its brand of hack and slash action. » 1/13/11 3:40pm 1/13/11 3:40pm

Monster Hunter Rings In The New Year Big For PSP

Another week, another ridiculous amount of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd served up to Japanese video game fans. Just how many more fans did the monster hunting action adventure managed to lure in this week? » 1/10/11 3:40pm 1/10/11 3:40pm

Monster Hunter Has A Merry Christmas In Japan

The PlayStation Portable represented well in Japan's Christmastime hardware contest thanks to the continued sales rampage of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and idol worship game AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara... and maybe even The 3rd Birthday. » 1/01/11 2:00pm 1/01/11 2:00pm

Big Monsters! Big Robots! Japan Loves It!

Threequels dominate Japan's video game sales charts this week with the latest Monster Hunter, the latest Gundam game and the latest soccer RPG from Professor Layton game makers Level 5 sitting atop the list of newest bestsellers. » 12/25/10 3:00pm 12/25/10 3:00pm

Studio Ghibli Game Takes 2nd To Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Level 5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni no Kuni hit the Nintendo DS in Japan this week. It appears to have done many favors for the DS overseas, but it was still Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in first place. » 12/15/10 9:00pm 12/15/10 9:00pm

Monstrous Monster Hunter Sales Helps PSP Strike Black

PSP phenom Monster Hunter Portable 3rd made a huge splash in Japan during its first week on sale, moving close to two million copies in just a few days. What did that mean for the PlayStation Portable? » 12/10/10 4:40pm 12/10/10 4:40pm

Gran Turismo 5, Monster Hunter Are Very Kind To PlayStation Hardware

The release of Gran Turismo 5 in Japan and the build up to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd give the PlayStation family a week to completely dominate overseas. Just how helpful were GT5 and the latest Monster Hunter? » 12/01/10 10:00pm 12/01/10 10:00pm

This Is The Monster Hunter Effect On The PSP In Japan

The power of red plastic on Wii sales in Japan is nothing compared to the promotional power of the Monster Hunter series. How else can we explain the PlayStation Portable more than doubling its sales this week overseas? » 11/26/10 8:00pm 11/26/10 8:00pm

The Wii Is In The Red In Japan's Hardware Chart

All it takes is a little red plastic to spur Wii sales in Japan. The Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary edition of Nintendo's console went on sale overseas last week, tripling sales of the Wii. » 11/19/10 4:40pm 11/19/10 4:40pm

Japan's Weekly Hardware Battle Does Not End With PSPgo

It's a banner week for the PlayStation Portable in Japan as the PSP enjoys chart topping sales and its smaller, digital download only cousin, the PSPgo, manages to not be in last place for a second week. » 11/12/10 9:00pm 11/12/10 9:00pm

PSPgo Price Drops Its Way Out Of Last Place In Japan

Sony's recent slashing of the PSPgo's price worldwide has had a noticeable effect on sales of the download-only device, at least in Japan. The regularly triple-digit selling PSPgo just had one of its best weeks ever overseas. » 11/05/10 7:40pm 11/05/10 7:40pm

PSP Takes A Slice Of Japan's Pie

Sales of Sony's PlayStation Portable may be way down—just like sales of the Nintendo DS—but the rival handhelds managed to carve out small victories in Japan this week. » 10/29/10 9:30pm 10/29/10 9:30pm

PlayStation Holds Its Own Against The Power Of Pokemon

While Pokemon Black and White may still be the hottest thing going in Japan right now, with Kirby's Epic Yarn only slightly cooler, PlayStation hardware is still doing just fine in Japan. » 10/22/10 10:00pm 10/22/10 10:00pm

Japanese Sales Charts Are Pokemon Black & White & Red Dead All Over

Nintendo's Pokemon Black and Pokemon White enjoy another first place showing in Japan this week, nearly another quarter million copies sold to Nintendo DS owners overseas. The monster hunting game easily takes down newcomer Red Dead Redemption in Japan. » 10/18/10 5:40pm 10/18/10 5:40pm

Nintendo DS Still Feeling That Pokemon Bump In Japan

Nintendo wins the biggest slice of the pie in this week's hardware battle in Japan, thanks to still strong sales of Pokemon Black and White. But the PSP wasn't too far behind, thanks to K-On! » 10/08/10 5:40pm 10/08/10 5:40pm

Pokemon Is Super Effective At Blowing Up Nintendo DS Sales In Japan

Turns out selling more than 2.5 million copies of the latest Pokemon game(s) translates into a big boost for the Nintendo DS. Crazy! But just how many new Nintendo DSs did Japanese Pokemon fans snap up with the game? » 9/24/10 7:40pm 9/24/10 7:40pm

Nintendo Ekes Out A Victory In Japan's Weekly Hardware Battle

The battle between Sony and Nintendo in Japan is, once again, pretty darn even. Continued strong sales of the PSP gives Sony first place, with Nintendo's DS doing what it does best: Sell! Sell! Sell! » 9/20/10 7:20pm 9/20/10 7:20pm